St. Anthony’s Homeless Shelter Medford Oregon (Abuse of Power)


In my absense of having the emotional strength to write or post I read this amazing account of horror that is very close and in some ways better than my experience! This family’s account is typical. The homeless shelter you cook and serve at probably has a simular story. Homeless abuse is running rampid and we allow it through our ignorance.

Homelessness Matters

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This is a story of abuse of power over the homeless.

I’m Jay. My family and I were “guests” at the St. Anthony’s Homeless Shelter, which is a part of St. Vincent DePaul society (Catholic Charity) of 2424 N. Pacific Hwy., Medford Oregon.
The people involved are:

Kathy Morgan: I understand her to be the “president” of the St. Anthony’s homeless shelter conference, and thus president of the homeless shelter.

Nick: Nick is the manager (Warden) of the St. Anthony’s homeless shelter. His last name (a Greek last name) was always ran by me so quickly that I couldn’t catch it.

Al Zon: Al used to be the president, and is now the vice president…

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