Homeless Chick
Not In My Home.. YET LOL

Bio: I'm not sure this is what my therapist meant long ago when she said to journal.. Bare with me as I learn how to and get the hang of blogging (cough) journal. I will begin to spread the word on Facebook and Twitter when I can afford a real site but until then teach me, help me learn.. If You Will 🙂 I am funny I am kind I am beautiful I am smart I am successful I am talented I am creative I am spiritual I am stable I am open I am honest I am fun I am HOMELESS I am sure no one wants to think anyone with all of those qualities above the word homeless could be well homeless.. at least not for long right? If so there has to be something wrong with that person.. I invite you to take a journey with me through my personal experience and show you why so many of those people that are homeless end up not much more than a tax-payers statistic, and how the system has been set up to benefit only those that work with in it. I am (soon to be WAS) their golden child of homelessness, and yet even I get bounced around. I'm through being tossed 🙂 I'm ready to give back what I have been given.. some of it will be beautiful, some of it will help many and some of it will damage a careful perception kept very silent in shame. I have no shame! I have done my best, I have worked so hard some days I thought I was going to collapse of a heart attack. I have ZERO TO BE SHAMEFUL FOR 🙂 This homeless chick is going to talk without shame!

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